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Consumer Perception Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

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Consumer Perception - Essay Example

Advancement and changes have become a part of our lives and world is getting advance day by day as per needs. There have been times when inventions have astonished us as many impossible things have become reality as any dream has become truth. Truth has always seemed as stranger than fiction and science has proved this fact (02whole).
Many companies and product ranges have emerged to prove this fact and have benefited our lives. There are certain goods and products which have confronted our perceptions as they seemed unachievable or impossible to create but since technological advancement has taken place, all things have become possible. One such object in my mind is a personal robot that can not only do all the work being fed in its memory but can also predict and pursue human mind. Human perceives that computers and automated devices can only perform tasks which are already fed in the memory of the device but this robot will actually challenge the perception of human mind.

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